Payroll Services

It is a struggle for small businesses to be constantly dealing with payroll. As part of our payroll services, BookKeeping Express will help you manage that effort and make it easy to get a consistent payroll system in place. We have partnered with leading payroll providing firms, connecting your business to some of the biggest payroll providers and great pricing. This will give you one less thing to think about and allow you to focus on growing your business.

We understand that your business needs your full attention and sometimes the grind of processing payroll is an administrative burden. The BKE payroll systems are designed to take the burden away as much as possible. We believe depending on your current process you should only need to approve your employees’ time, and we have designed our systems to do just that – all with the mindset to allow you to focus on the things that matter the most to you and your business.

BookKeeping Express will run payroll for your business and will provide integration of payroll into your general ledger.  For payroll time entry we provide the following options:

  • Integration from POS or other front-end time collection systems for employee time tracking
  • Employees can enter individual time into a simple system
  • BKE can do the employee time entry for your business